Alcohol Essentials Series

Coming in 2024

Alcohol Pharmacokinetics

1. Absorption

  • Routes of Administration
  • Physiological aspects of absorption
  • Role and impact of food and other variables
  • Post-absorptive vs. post-peak

Instructor: Joey Jones

2. Distribution

  • Physiochemical basis and general concepts
  • Total body water calculations
  • Serum / WB distribution, associated variables, and role in calculations
  • Partition ratios

Serum/WB: Chris Tilson
More Instructors Needed

3. Metabolism

  • Metabolic pathways
  • Genetic & epigenetic concerns
  • Relevant metabolites
  • Factors affecting metabolism
  • Elimination rate & associated variables

Instructor: Dr. Karen Scott

4. Excretion

  • Biological analytes
  • Biomarkers
  • Urine concentration, factors affecting concentration, and interpretation
  • Physiological basis of novel detection methods

5. Postmortem Concerns

  • Specimen collection
  • Analysis and interpretation of postmortem specimens

Instructor: Jennifer Harmon

6. Expert Testimony

  • Pharmacokinetics expert testimony in alcohol cases

Instructor: Dr. Curt Harper

  • Alcohol calculations and associated standards

Instructor: Jennifer Limoges

Alcohol Pharmacodynamics

7. Neurobiology

  • Neurotransmission and understanding action potentials
  • Depressing vs. excitatory effects on CNS
  • Receptor mediated effects of ethanol

8. Psychological & Cognitive

  • Effects on mood, decision-making, memory, etc.
  • Effects on information processing, sensory perception, cognition
  • Blackouts, amnesia, role in DFC

Instructor: Darcy Richardson

9. Vision

  • Effects on oculomotor control
  • Effects on visual perception
  • Other effects on eyes
  • Role of vision system in testing for alcohol intoxication

10. Psychomotor Effects

  • Effects on coordination, muscle control, divided attention tasks, etc.
  • Effects on driving & review of associated literature
  • Impairment on other tasks

11. Tolerance

  • Mechanisms, development, and implications for behavioral analyses
  • Mellanby Effect

12. Expert Testimony

  • Pharmacodynamics expert testimony in alcohol cases
  • Dose-response models, references, appropriate inferences, review of associated standards

Instructor: Dr. Curt Harper

Alcohol Chemical Testing

13. History of Alcohol Testing

14. Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Overview of preliminary breath testing and related technology
  • Overview of evidentiary breath testing, related instrumentation, and challenges

Instructor: Carrie Kirkton

15. Urine Alcohol Testing

  • Overview of urine alcohol testing methodology
  • Factors affecting urine concentration
  • Appropriate use of urine alcohol results

Instructor: Dr. Alan Wayne Jones

16. Blood Alcohol Testing

  • Overview of blood alcohol testing and associated methodology, instruments, and challenges
  • Considerations regarding hospital blood tests

Instructor: Mandi Mohr

17. Monitoring & Novel Technology

  • Biomarkers of alcohol use
  • Other biological matrices and alcohol use monitoring
  • Novel / emerging technology in alcohol detection and monitoring

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  • Some instructors may cover more than one topic.
  • Outline is preliminary.
  • Instructional support is provided.

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