DRE Digital Flash Cards: 1-Month License


Enhance your Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training experience with our 1-month license to use smart flashcards. This innovative learning tool is brought to you through a partnership with a leading web and mobile education platform specializing in adaptive flashcards. The smart flashcard system personalizes the timing of each card repetition based on proven cognitive science principles, optimizing your study sessions by repeating harder concepts at the perfect interval for maximum memory retention.

Our pre-built flashcard decks are meticulously crafted by experts to encapsulate key information from the DRE curriculum. These decks serve as a potent supplement to your learning, covering essential drug names and vocabulary pertinent to your training. The flashcard content is distilled into bite-sized facts, presented in a question-and-answer format, making learning manageable and effective.

The underlying technology of these smart flashcards employs a spaced repetition algorithm that works in harmony with your brain. It automatically repeats harder concepts at a higher frequency, saving your time on concepts you are more familiar with. This way, your study sessions become highly efficient, aiding in faster learning and longer retention of crucial information.

Furthermore, this technology elevates traditional flashcards by making them more interactive, applying adaptive learning patterns which we term as Confidence-Based Repetition (CBR). This technique significantly boosts your learning speed and memory retention, providing a robust foundation for excelling in your DRE training.

Harness the power of smart flashcards and step up your preparation for the DRE training. This 1-month license offers you unlimited access to our expert-designed flashcard decks, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.


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