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Learning & Reference Resources

Prep Courses

Getting ready for a course or board certification in the drug/alcohol space? Our curriculum roadmap includes adding prep courses to help you out!

Smart Flash Cards

Everyone loves flash cards, but they're so 'low-tech' for 2023. How about digital flash card decks built by topic experts that intelligently adapt exposure rate to optimize your learning time?

Other Tools

Browser interactives, custom classrooms for groups, live Q&A sessions, and more are on the table. Contact us to share your ideas and requests!

Companion Products From Our Parent Company

Call Out System

We are exploring expansion of our software services to include a web and SMS-based "call-out" platform to easily request personnel with certain qualifications.


With enough interest, we have the platform to support an electronic warrant system specifically tailored to expedite blood search warrants.

Expedited Reports

Modern automation tools can help execute the right blend of custom narrative and standardized language to speed report preparation and improve consistency.

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