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This page shows some specific topics for which we are currently seeking instructors, but we are always open to other topics that are not listed. If you would like to teach one of these, or have interest in teaching a completely different topics, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to discuss. 

General Interest

  • Overview of DECP / DRE Program (for non-DREs)
  • Overview of Forensic Toxicology (for non-toxicologists)
  • Cannabis Legalization & Impact on Traffic Safety
  •  Driving: Elements of the Task & Where it Goes Wrong


  • Roadside Interview Techniques for DUI-D Investigations
  • Roadside Investigation of Prescription Drug Crime
  • Recognizing Drug Paraphernalia – Current Trends

DRE Interest

  • DRE Program Oversight: Understanding the Program Management
  • Latest Curriculum Updates
  • A Review of DRE Validation Studies and Other Related Research
  • DRE Post Incident Review: Case Preparation & Courtroom Presentation

Court / Legal

  • Articulating Drug Impairment Evidence in Testimony
  • Court Testimony
    • (multiple topics)
  • Authoritative References & their Use in Testimony
  • DRE Post Incident Review: Case Preparation & Courtroom Presentation
  • Guidelines for Opinions & Testimony in Forensic Toxicology


  • Principles of Pharmacology:
    • Terminology & Core Concepts
    • Neurotransmitters and their Receptors
    • Mechanisms of Drug Action
  •  Physiological Aspects of Pharmacology:
    • Absorption
    • Distribution
    • Metabolism
    • Excretion
    • Neurotransmission, Ion Channels, & Receptor Mediated Effects
  • Tolerance: Mechanisms & Implications


  • The AAFS Academy Standards Board: What You Need to Know
  • Consensus-Based Thresholds for Chemical Testing
  • Guidelines for Opinions & Testimony in Forensic Toxicology


  • Understanding Epidemiological Research
  • Understanding Experimental Research:
    • Driving Simulators
    • On-Road Driving Studies
  • How to Critically Evaluate Scholarly Literature

Other Topics

This is not an exhaustive list and the descriptions above are flexible. We are always are looking for new content and are happy to help you share the topics you’re passionate about with a broad audience. 

Micro-Learning & Case Studies

We are also interested in short-form content delivered as 5 – 25 minute videos reviewing a specific topic or series of case studies that facilitate a learning outcome as well. 

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