Intro to Oral Fluid Testing

Course Description:
Oral fluid testing is a rapidly emerging tool in drug-impaired driving investigations. This course discusses advantages and challenges to the use of oral fluid testing (as compared to blood), introduces the topic of drug disposition in oral fluid, identifies differences between roadside and laboratory-based solutions, and summarizes the wide range of rapid oral fluid testing solutions on the market.
Recommended Learners:
Introduction to Oral Fluid Testing Course Cover
Picture of Dr. Christine Moore

Dr. Christine Moore

Christine Moore is the former Chief Toxicologist in the Rapid Diagnostics Division of Abbott. There, she directed the laboratory used for testing blood and oral fluid specimens from multiple roadside surveys including the NHTSA National Roadside Surveys (2007, 2013-2014), and the Canadian Surveys (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018). She is now President of 9-Delta Analytical, a laboratory for academic research groups, non-profit organizations and other agencies requiring the analysis of biological specimens, specifically oral fluid and blood for drugs and alcohol. See full bio. 
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