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Expert Instruction
Our courses are designed by industry-leading experts with diverse backgrounds, including toxicology, pharmacology, law enforcement, vision science, medicine, and much more.

Our curricula are derived from industry best practices, evidence-based forensic disciplines, and experience of our instructors applying and defending these principles in complex litigation.

Optimized Delivery
Our training is delivered in an asynchronous e-learning format that allows students to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, and receive the supporting documentation needed for CEUs.

Forensic Membership

Built for professionals working in the criminal and civil litigation of impaired driving, drug facilitated crime, and related areas.
Example practitioners include:

Workplace Membership

Built to help corporations educate their supervisors and employees on
drug / alcohol impairment and related drug testing regulations. We can help you with:

Other Resources

World-class training is our focus, but you need other resources to stay current and execute your duties efficiently.
Some of our other offerings include:

Drug Guides

Summary effects on performance, pharmacology facts, therapeutic concentrations, a bibliography, and more. Organized by drug.
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Resource Library

An online repository of support materials, videos, and other resources to build your expertise and help you succeed. Coming in late 2023.

Ask an Expert

Didn’t find the answer you need in our other resources? Members can submit a form to get expert help on drug impairment topics – from a source you can trust!

Exclusive Network

Enjoy professional collaboration in our exclusive LinkedIn Group, where you always know who is participating in the discussion. 


We are planning more resources to be announced in 2023. Members will get the opportunity to provide feedback on our growth priorities as we roll out new features. 

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