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Learn the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Symptomatology Matrix

Handwriting the matrix is an important strategy in optimizing learning, but supplementing with digital matrix quizzes can enhance efficiency of your available study time. The time required to complete a practice matrix and audit it for accuracy is reduced by as much as 80% when using this tool, allowing you to complete more repetitions.

Stage 1:

If you are just getting started, or struggling with a particular component of the matrix, these single category quizzes might be for you.

 Try the CNS Depressants Matrix Quiz without an account!

Stage 2:

You don’t want to forget categories that you’ve previously mastered, so continuing to practice them as you add new information may be wise. These quizzes can help.  

Stage 3:

Refine your skills and challenge yourself. This set of quizzes allows you to focus in on footnotes or average ranges, or try to hit the whole matrix and all the ranges in a single attempt. 

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