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Continuing your education after DRE School should be
easy and affordable.

But limited agency budgets, lack of leadership buy-in, and relative scarcity of truly advanced training have proven to be major barriers. was founded by a DRE specifically to address these challenges. 

We're here to help.

Industry-Leading Instruction offers advanced education on drug impairment specifically tailored to the needs of Drug Recognition Experts and forensic toxicologists.

Training is delivered through asynchronous e-learning that can be completed at the learner’s pace and convenience. Courses are taught by industry-leading instructors with whom learners may otherwise never connect without significant travel and tuition expenses. Moreover, the catalog of courses is continually expanding and members are automatically granted access to any newly added content.

Example Content

Our Core Concepts Series is a 10-part sequence of courses that examines the pharmacology of impairing drug classes and then introduces forensic and clinical approaches to the toxic effects of those drugs. These courses expand your DREs’ perspectives and bolsters their CV and credibility as they learn advanced concepts from a variety of highly qualified instructors. Four courses in this series are already launched and four more are coming in January. This series is just part of our overall catalog. 

Trusted Partners partnered with two of law enforcement’s most trusted private-sector partners to develop and launch our flagship course series. The National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving and are true leaders in the effort to stop impaired driving through innovative approaches and cross-sector cooperation. 

Learning Integrity & CEU Support

Courses from provide completion certificates with the date of completion, learner’s name, course name, and number of instructional hours. The learning management system requires the completion of sequential steps within a course, disallowing any efforts to skip content and simply obtain a certificate. Many courses also contain built-in comprehension quizzes to emphasize key learning points and ensure learner proficiency.

DRE State Coordinators with a state account can monitor user progress, confirm course completions, and add/remove users from their Group Management console. 

Support for Daily DRE Needs

Drug Resource Guides

General drug information, therapeutic concentrations, pharmacology, drug interactions, effects on performance, a bibliography of references and more. See an example here and check out the Drug Resource Center here.

drug detail page preview

Drug Detail Database

Full Drug Resource Guides are currently limited to Tier 1 drugs, but you can search the Drug Detail Database for information on over 220 additional drugs. Get DRE category, trade names, notable metabolites, pharmacological class, and more. Our "Drug Vault" also has expected DRE categorization on over 2,200 other substances.

"Ask an Expert" Service

Didn't find an answer in our other resources? Members can submit a form to get expert help on drug impairment topics - from a source you can trust!

More to Come

We are planning more resources to be announced as we grow. Members will get the opportunity to provide feedback on our growth priorities as we roll out new features. 

smart flash card gif
matrix preview

Study Tools for DRE Candidates also offers support for candidates preparing for DRE school.

A state-level DRE membership includes unlimited access to an online matrix study tool that allows candidates to complete study repetitions with automatic scoring at a time savings of 50 – 80% versus traditional handwritten methods.

State memberships also include the ability to license our “smart flash cards” that are expertly constructed to support DRE candidates. These flash cards use a spaced repetition algorithm to intelligently adapt exposure rates based upon the student’s performance and optimize the student’s learning pace.

Let us help you customize study tools for your program!

How Does it Work?

Access to is provided on an annual membership basis and includes access to any newly added content. This model allows access to all of the site’s resources, including a catalog of training from industry-leading instructors, for less than the average cost of one advanced webinar.

To reach the most DRE's possible, we recommend DRE State Coordinators get a group account for all of their DREs

Why Does it Cost Money?

There are dozens of free webinars on impaired driving topics available, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of those when they fit their needs. We aim to consistently deliver the highest quality content from industry-leading instructors that will truly advance the knowledge base of a DRE.

Accomplishing this level of instruction through a feature-rich learning management system comes with overhead, as does deployment of support resources like our drug resource guides. was built to launch DRE’s forward in their journey through a cost-effective platform that continually reinvests in the community.

cycle of membership fees and reinvestment in community

Are there comparators? offers a different product than our friends in these other institutions. Our ecosystem of resources includes an ever-expanding catalog of on-demand training from the same caliber of instructors, in addition to other supporting resources

Well, that’s an awkward question…

We are here to support growth of everyone studying the forensic science of drug impairment. We do not consider anyone competitors and happily encourage our client base to take advantage of the outstanding training from institutions like The Center for Forensic Science Research & Education and American College of Medical Toxicology – who both offer amazing live and live-broadcast training. We even utilize many of the same instructors!

But grant managers are going to ask you for costs of other training programs. 

So here are some examples of high-caliber training programs offering similar levels of instruction:

  • 36 hour hybrid in-person / 

How to Get Access for All Your DREs

Group accounts managed by the State Coordinator allow easy oversight of continuing education activities, provide the ability to easily add/remove users, and come with bulk discounts.

FY 2025 Pricing

Pricing Table
Seats Price Per Seat*
1 - 3 $249
4 - 9 $199
10 - 19 $179
20 - 49 $169
50 - 99 $159
100 - 199 $139
200 - 299 $119
300 + Contact Us

*As of 01/01/2024 we have a limited number of remaining opportunities to participate in our early-bird promotion for group discounts before FY 2025 pricing takes effect. Contact us for availability and details.

How We Can Help

Grant Assistance

The cost of membership to can likely be covered for all DRE’s through your state DRE grant or other highway safety grant funds. If you require assistance, we can provide you with a brief justification toolkit to help with language for your application and/or provide you with 1 on 1 assistance.


Our mission is to connect DRE’s with industry-leading instruction and the resources they need. We have tried to provide a platform that is widely accessible, cost-effective, and easily attainable through highway safety grant funds.

However, if you are a DRE Coordinator and find budgetary challenges to funding this opportunity for your program, contact us to discuss scholarships and co-sponsoring opportunities (availability varies). 

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